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Create gif within Text  

Create New Transparent Layer 200x200 (Or another size, depends what are you doing.)

Create Text layer. I need different gif for ever letter , but you can use one gif for whole text. Open gif you want to use as background for your Text:

Click Shift and Select First and Last frame in animation panel , so every frame will be selected. 

Click little arrow in right top corner of animation panel and choose Copy Frame. Now we are back to our gif. Click that arrow again and choose Paste Frame.

Select Paste Over Selection and click OK. 

Make Text layer as top layer in layer panel like in the picture.

This is how first frame looks. Text will be visible only for first frame. Choose Magic Wand Tool from Tools panel and click on the letter. (text layer must be active in layers panel). Click Select , then Inverse, so your gif must look like this:

Now choose First frame in animation panel and activate bottom layer and click Delete on your keyboard. Do same for every frame. And then simply delete Text layer. Click File -> Save For Web and Devices -> Save.

Thats our result:

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Creating Gif Using KMPlayer  

What You Need:

1. KMPlayer

2. Photoshop

Open the video in KMPlayer. Click Ctrl+G. The window like this one will appear:

Screenshot #1

1. Default path for saving frames is KMP player/Capture in your documents, but you can change it.

2. In case you want subtitles on your Gif, choose with msg, subtitles. 

3. Leave everything as it is on the Pic.

4. Click Start when you want to capture the video and then click Stop.

Now you’re done with player, so you can open photoshop.

Screenshot #2

Step One: Click Window and check Animation. The Animation panel must appear in the bottom of Photoshop, Exactly like in the Picture.

Screenshot #3

Step Two: Click File->Scripts->Load Files Into Stack…

Screenshot #4

Step Three: After you see the window, like on the Picture, Click Browse and select pictures and click OK.

Screnshot #5

Step Four: When photoshop finishes browsing selected pictures, Click OK. 

Screenshot #6

Step Five: Wait until loading layers is finished. Then Click little arrow and then Make Frames From Layers. (See screenshot #7)

Screenshot #7.

Step Six: Click that little arrow again and select Reverse Frames. 

Screenshot #8

Step Seven: As you know, Tumblr has very stupid limit. You can’t upload Gif more then 500kb. Thats why, more than 15 frames is trouble for us. So try, to delete some frames . Maybe, every second or third. 

Screenshot #9

Step Eight: Now we have 15 frames. So Click Image and then Image Size. Select maximum 500 Pixels (Another Limit) for Width and Click OK.

Screenshot #10.

Step Nine: You can change coloring of your Gif Using Adjustments on right side of Photoshop. 

Screenshot #11

Step Ten: Click File and then Save for Web & Devices.

Screenshot #12

Step Eleven:

Screenshot #13

1. Select Gif , Like shown in Screenshot #13.

2. Check what size is your Gif. If its more than 500kb, follow next step:

3.  Changing Colors, Dither, Matte, Web Snap and Lossy will help you to make your gif less then 500kb. 

5. Click Preview and see how your Gif looks like and if you like it , Click Save. (6)

Here is our Gif:

Thats all. If you’re having any trouble about Gifs, just visit my ask box and I’ll be happy to help.

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